mySugr Coaching


Design and creation of a promotion campaign.

TASK: How do we create an online video campaign that builds trust and makes potential users subscribe to the newly launched service?

CONCEPT AND EXECUTION: Being a Type-1 diabetic is tough. As a Type-1 diabetic, you need to visit a doctor or diabetes educator every six months. The problems occur in the time in between these appointments. This is where mySugr Coaching comes into play. Implemented within the mySugr app, a world class diabetes educator is always right at your fingertip. The most important factor in creating the promotion campaign was to build trust among potential clients. Our core value was authenticity, so we put the coaches right in front of the camera and interviewed them about their personal story with diabetes, something every diabetic can relate to. 

Concept: Stereochrome
Director / DoP: Michael Rottmann
Producer: Manuel Gruber