Interactive Video Campaign

Task: Vigneron Franz Weninger got in touch with us with a challenge: Finding a new way of describing wine. In particular, he wanted to illustrate the influcence of the ground on one and the same wine, namely his world reknown Blaufränkisch. 

Concept and Execution: To illustrate the differences in taste, we created the campaign "Sound of Terroir" and used music to express the emotions, people link to a certain wine. Over the course of 9 months, we put together a wine orchestra using instruments strictly built from materials used in wine growing, selected and arranged three pieces of music and produced the whole campaign on just one weekend. Famous Franz LIszt house in Liszt's birthplace Raiding served as a location. All songs were recorded on location. Then we created an interactive video campaign on Youtube. A special gift box including the three wines gave wine lovers the chance to try and find the right piece of music to each wine.

Campaign on Youtube.

Concept: Manuel Gruber, Philipp Klemm, Michael Rottmann
Director: Armin Bointner
DoP: Michael Rottmann
Producer: Manuel Gruber, Philipp Klemm